Project Details

  • Client: GMX Taxis
  • Location: Oldham
  • Services: Brand Identity

GMX Taxis provide private hire transport within Oldham. They tasked us with creating a logo for their taxi business. They had been operating many smaller private hire taxi firms and were merging all the smaller firms into one large firm. The new logo had to look modern and unique to stand out in a competitive app ride-hailing market. GMX Taxis had invested in technology to provide a booking app and wanted their logo to highlight this facility immediately. Majority of the smaller taxi firms tend to operate using traditional phone bookings only.

We advised on the importance of colour psychology in a logo, finalising the colour scheme to ensure visibility of the logo on vehicle door magnets wouldn't be compromised. We placed a pin drop in the logo, in the X to emphasise the app booking facility. GMX Taxis provide a local service for local people, using local drivers. We portrayed this ethos by adding a slogan to the logo also.

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