Website and email hosting are at the very start of your online journey. There are a large amount of hosting providers available on the internet. We often see people opting for the cheapest hosting provider without any performance analysis. At the other end, we find some people end up paying a premium, feeling a higher price means better quality. But, they are often paying for services that they never utilise.

We have researched and worked with various hosting providers. We have selected a few hosting providers based in the UK, who we work with, to ensure our customer websites and emails achieve the best performance for the best price. We provide a managed web and email hosting service and make regular backups. The benefits of using our managed hosting are that we oversee your hosting to ensure it is secure and provide support for you at any time. Also, we communicate with the hosting company and understand all the technical terms.

We provide email setup and configuration support to ensure you have access to your emails from anywhere at any time. The benefit of having your custom email domain and hosting far outweighs using a commercial email provider such as Google or Hotmail. Making use of your domain name has credibility and marketing influence immediately. We provide support in domain registration and advice alongside our web and email hosting service.

If you need a reliable web and email hosting solution, contact us to let us help.

  • UK Hosting Servers
  • Regular Backups
  • Managed Hosting

Your web hosting can impact your search engine rankings due to several factors. Search engines make use of your hosting (server) location, the server quality, and the page loading speed. A website hosted in the USA for UK customers would not be advisable.

We provide unlimited email accounts but do have a storage capacity of 3GB per email account. We find this is sufficient for the majority of our customers. We can provide larger email storage capacity on an ad-hoc basis. We recommend limiting the size of email attachments and provide support on how to do this.

We can, in most cases, migrate your existing emails to our hosting. Where we are unable to, we advise on how to create backups for your reference.

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