In its simplest form, search engine optimisation is anything done to improve the ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Any successful website needs to be in the top 10 results for key search terms to generate organic search traffic.

Lots and lots of people search for things online. That traffic can be paramount for a business not only because there is a lot of traffic, but because there is a lot of specific, high-intent traffic. Organic search is often the primary source of digital traffic and complements other marketing channels. Greater visibility and ranking higher in search results than your competition can have a material impact on your business.

Many small businesses often pay for a website to be developed but fail to emphasise they need the website optimised for search engines. These small businesses do look for cheaper websites from offshore developers, whom in turn look to turn over a large number of websites and naturally neglect the in-depth optimisation. Our website development process is not complete until the website has been correctly optimised.

We can also provide search engine optimisation for any existing website. This includes fixing any errors on your website that may be affecting your search engine ranking.

  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Long-lasting reults achieved through SEO
  • Targetted search traffic

We always advise investing in SEO and recommend you to start sooner rather than later. Time is a factor in SEO results also. The sooner you improve your webpage metadata and content, the sooner you can benefit from increased rankings.

If your website content doesn't change, then a one-time overhaul of your website would be sufficient. However, to benefit from organic search traffic its advisable to create fresh new content and ensure search engine optimisation.

A sitemap is a list of information about all the pages, videos, images and other files on a website. Many small businesses don't have a sitemap. As a result, it takes much longer for search engines to find and index your entire website.

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