Content writing is the substance that invites your potential clients and customers to dive deeper into your website. Content writing contains keywords integral in attracting your target audience to your website. The content needs to be carefully combined with keywords and centred on marketing your products and your business, using straightforward and effective literary techniques.

Content writers create original content covering the business objectives. Whether it's to market products or provide information related to the services offered. Content written for digital marketing can either be in the form of ads, articles, blogs, landing page contents, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions or reviews. The writing process can cover a huge array of topics, making the adherence to SEO guidelines a must to produce more relevant written outputs.

Content is a form of currency, and it's traded in return for the user's attention. Marketing, specifically in the digital world, is a constant stream of content and social actions. Content can become more valuable every time it is shared by an individual. It's vital to invest in content to reap the long term benefits.

We can provide content for your existing website, a new website or your marketing campaigns. We help you to promote your business using content with rich keywords that will help drive traffic to your website.

  • Rich content for SEO
  • Targetted Social Media Content
  • Original content

We ask you for the 2-3 keywords you want to promote in the content and then write content accordingly. We ensure that the keyword density is 2-5% as per SEO recommendations.

Articles are a more traditional & formal form of writing. They are meant to inform the reader about a subject using facts, events, analysis, and research. A blog may or may not include elements of an article but is written in an informal and personal fashion. It generally includes the opinion of the writer.

Content is king. As long as you create insatiable content on your site or blog, you'll keep the visitors coming back for more and more. Also, the better your content is, the more engaged your visitors will be. They will share your content for you, helping to promote your site on autopilot.

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